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Welcome to EverFocus Electronics Corporation RMA Homepage. At our eRMA center, you can easily obtain information needed for your RMA.

In order to provide better and faster service to our customers, we are streamlining our RMA process and implementing the following:

  • A ticket number must be obtained prior to requesting for an RMA number
  • Shipments without an RMA number marked clearly on the outer packaging will be refused
  • All RMA rrequests will be processed in California, and all RMA units must be shipped to our California location only.

  • ATTENTION: If you do not have a valid email address, please use our fax version of the RMA request form and must provide a valid ticket number. Failure to provide a valid email address AND/OR a ticket number will result in a delay in your RMA process. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Click here to see EverFocus Electronics' Warranty and RMA policy. If you have further concerns or inquiries, please email us at rma@everfocus.com

    For rapid RMA assistance in Canada, EverFocus partners with Video Experts, an factory authorized CCTV repairs, maintenance, and service center. Please contact:

    Video Experts
    400 Matheson Blvd.
    Mississauga, ON, Canada
    Tel: 1-800-722-3973

    Note: This RMA policy applies to the North American region ONLY (USA, Canada and Mexico).